Alan Ritchson is the new Reacher: “I’ve read all the books, more than once!” [exclu]

Jack Reacher Amazon

“The cellars of the White House is certainly my favorite,” says the actor, who delivers a very faithful incarnation of the character imagined by Lee Child, in the new Amazon series.

Fans blamed the jack reacher embodied by Tom Cruise to be too far from the character created by Lee Child. He is an avid reader of the writer. He knows the literary saga like the back of his hand. And he swears, his embodiment of Reacher is much more faithful, in the new Amazon series. posted today. The actor Alan Ritchson confides in Première.

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FIRST: Your Reacherhow do you describe it?
: Like the Reacher of books! What I like most about this character is his sense of humor. He has a radical, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. He’s a silent person, who disconcerts people around him with his self-confidence… He’s a little clever if you will.

Do you read the books?

I have read them all. And some more than once. The cellars of the White House (die trying in VO, published in 1998) is certainly my favorite. I also love Blame it on bad luck (Bad Luck and Trouble2007), because it brings together the whole old team.

Your score is very physical in the series. Do you have special training in martial arts?

Especially that of having played heroes who have been fighting for years (laughs) I have tasted Jui-Jitsu, MMA, and even karate Ninja Turtles ! I was able to learn by watching some real great fighters who coached me, it gave me keys for the fight sequences. In Reacher, we have a very specific approach to action sequences and it took me a while to understand how Jack should move. It takes time, but for example, the sequence in the prison showers (in the first episode), we had choreographed and rehearsed it so well that we were able to do it in a single take, almost in a sequence shot.

The Amazon series is sometimes very brutal, sometimes more fun. She alternates between different styles…

It really is great entertainment. It’s a series that has this somewhat biting sense of humor, but also plays on the mystery. The central plot is very gripping. And at the same time there is action. In short, we touch a little on all genres and that’s what I like.

There’s something about the cinema of the 1990s, like “action flick”, that we don’t do too much these days…

Yes, it’s true, and it’s also due to Lee Child’s books, which contain this nostalgic aspect. A pre-Internet era, where not everything is done with electronics. We have a hero who can just rely on his own physique and his savvy, his sense of deduction, to solve the mysteries. Our story is set in the present day, of course, but we managed, I think, to capture that nostalgic atmosphere of the 90s, something of a classic in fact.

Your Reacher is incredibly cool and confident. Are you like that in real life?

I don’t know if I’m as cool as Reacher in real life (laughs) He’s an imposing character, in every sense of the word and no one dares to step on his toes. It’s something I’m familiar with, obviously, because I’m quite tall (laughs). Just my size has helped me in life to have some self-confidence. So, it’s true that I quite naturally understand how a man like Reacher takes up space…

You played Arthur Curry in SmallvilleHawk in Titans… Jack Reacher is a bit of a superhero too, isn’t he?

Yes, we can say that ! We talked about that a lot on set actually. The big question was: how fallible is he? Vulnerable? How does he feel the violence of what he constantly undergoes on screen? In our minds, he’s someone larger than life, so in a way, he’s kind of a superhero. Not like a Marvel or DC hero. But when I see what all his fights have done to my body as an actor… I really had to force myself to pretend not to be in pain, at times, when we felt that Reacherhe would not be affected at all by the suffering.

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