Alexandre Astier: “Star Wars, well … I have nothing to shake any more!”

Alexandre Astier: "Star Wars, well ... I have nothing to shake any more!"
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“What has been done since (George Lucas left) has been done by people who love Star Wars, but it’s not Star Wars.”

That’s it, Kaamelott – First part, ofAlexandre astier is finally visible in the cinema. Last September, the series creator and performer of King Arthur was on the cover of First n ° 510 (some copies of which are still available) to present in detail this suite of his cult series available at the cinema. Since 2005, the artist has overseen everything: in addition to playing King Arthur, he writes the intrigues, directs, composes his music … Very aware of this aspect “creator who controls everything”, he recognizes his need to be in charge of as many things as possible so that his story resembles what he had in mind. Which logically makes one think of another saga director, George Lucas, who imagined the whole universe of Star wars before finally resell his “baby” at disney, in 2012. Here is what Alexandre Astier, a big fan of the first trilogy, has to say about it several times in Kaamelott. Extracts.

Excluded – Alexandre Astier: “I tell myself that Kaamelott was made for the cinema”

First: Since you’re talking about Star Wars … George Lucas, too, ended up cutting himself out a bit from the entertainment world. Do you think that the creation of an extended universe necessarily pushes the creators to fold in on themselves?
Alexandre Astier: When you have the chance to tell a story that is followed, you don’t just make films, you do … something else … Another job than an author or director … Does Lucas do really part of the directors’ gang? He’s in the picture with Scorsese, Spielberg and the fine crew, but is he just as open to criticism as a normal director? Criticizable in the same way as an author like any other? No. The guy, he’s in charge of Star Wars. He is the one who knows … When he let go of the saga at Disney, they then hired very talented directors and screenwriters. JJ Abrams, he knows how to hold you, he masters the art of the whore. In the new Star Wars, there is experience, talent, money to not know what to do with, and me, well … I have nothing to shake! Since Dad left, it doesn’t concern me anymore. And yet, it’s better done, it’s better played, it’s better dialogue. Because Papa in the dialogue, sorry, eh … With all the devotion that I have for him, it stays in the mouth, it doesn’t go well, it looks like an old western. What’s the name of the actor who plays Mace Windu?

Samuel L. Jackson …

Yeah, plus he works with Tarantino, so when the lines hit him on the pumps, it really shows … All that to say that since Lucas no longer tells me about the Star Wars sequel, well, I I don’t give a fuck anymore. I prefer the second trilogy a hundred times, with all the faults it has, because it is inimitable. No one could have written Episode 3 that way. What has been done since has been done by people who love Star Wars, but it’s not Star Wars. It’s not signed … So, do we insulate when we have created a saga? I think we are passing a milestone, yes. We’re free, actually. You have to organize your freedom and tell the story of the universe you have created. I tell it with my skills as a director, photographer, musician. Each of these positions would probably be best performed by someone else, except no one knows how to do what I’m doing, because I make the whole stuff. It’s not a job. It’s a signature. This is my treasure.

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The trailer for Kaamelott :

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