Alexandre Desplat leaves Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley

The composer received the Oscar for their latest collaboration, The Shape of Water.

Variety reveals that it is no longer Alexandre Desplat who is responsible for composing the music of Nightmare alley, the film noir of Guillermo del Toro with Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Colette and Willem Dafoe. Nathan Johnson, at the soundtrack ofKnives Out, replaces him at short notice, Desplat being stuck by a problem with the agenda. This is not a first: the French artist has already abandoned several feature films in the process of creation, such as a Star wars for Valerian or more recently Black widow. “After the postponement of Nightmare Alley because of the Covid-19 epidemic, I learn that Desplat and Del Toro could not see each other in France to work on this soundtrack”, specifies the article. The composer, however, remains on very good terms with the filmmaker, with whom he collaborated on The Shape of Water, which won him the Oscar for best original music, in 2018. They should also team up again on Pinocchio. We will hear his last composition for The French Dispatch, by Wes Anderson, from October 27 at the cinema.

The trailer for Nightmare alley :

Alexandre Desplat, Oscar 2018 for best music, comments on his filmography

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