Alice Da Cruz, the revelation of Twist in Bamako

The young actress bursts the screen for her very first appearance on the big screen in front of Robert Guédiguian’s camera. Encounter.


Alice da Luz is precocious. It is indeed at 8 years old that she went on stage for the first time! For as many, the idea of ​​one day making a profession of it never crosses his mind. ” I had this chance thanks to associations of intermittent young people who put on shows every year in the suburban town where I grew up. I can’t thank them enough! »And there it is again in CM1 to take the first role of a musical which proposes a mise en abyme ofOliver twist. ” I had a blast and that’s where the idea of ​​taking lessons was born. I was bad at sport so I found my extra-curricular activity She remembers, laughing. She then enrolled in the teens section of Cours Florent before experiencing an unexpected adventure across the Atlantic a few years later. ” I spent a year on a school exchange in a small town in Illinois… where a New York theater troupe landed and came to choose from the school where I was students to play in an end-of-year show. ‘year. »And Alice Da Cruz takes down the cup: a fairy role that will open up the field of possibilities. ” Having been chosen to play in another language in a foreign troupe has clearly opened up a path for me. This inaccessible profession becomes a possible objective on condition of giving yourself the means. And when I return to Paris, the year of my baccalaureate, I now take 16 hours of theater lessons per day. It is at this moment that fate will take charge of accelerating things a little more. Thanks to Gigi Akoka, the casting director of Twist in Bamako by Robert Guédiguian. ” She spotted my face in a directory of alumni of the courses I attended. And she managed to find my phone to contact me.Twist in Bamako will be Alice Da Luz’s first audition. A first attempt at a masterstroke. Because after three turns, she is hired to play a young Malian who, in the 1960s, decides to flee her family to escape a forced marriage. ” I was lucky enough to be able to read the script before the second practice session. It was the first one I read and I devoured it like a novel. By closing it, I absolutely wanted this role while obviously wondering if I would be up to it. “



The discovery of Twist in Bamako reduces those doubts and worry to nothing. Alice Da Luz bursts the screen in this character who will gradually open up to the world when she sees her heart race for a young idealist socialist militant whose utopias will be shattered on the harsh reality of things in this Mali has just become independent. An outside cinégénie and a stunning ease of naturalness in all registers, the fruit of a work of which we do not see any of the scars on the screen. ” Robert gave me the box set of his films before shooting. They formed my basis of work. We also exchanged a lot because I was not a very politicized person before this film and Robert was an incredible guide. I also watched African feature films from the time and watched my mother and grandmother a lot, who were born in Africa, in Cape Verde. Then, of course, I took high-dose dance lessons, an essential part of the story. A skillfully orchestrated preparation that helped him to enter this very first cinematographic adventure. ” I think I was so scared my brain made me forget about the camera. And throughout the filming, the fun prevailed over everything else. So much so that when I returned to Paris, I experienced a minimal depression. But I know that now I have only one desire: to spend the rest of my life on movie sets ”.


There is little doubt that this desire will be granted. Enrolled in law school, Alice da Luz continued to take high-dose theater lessons while passing some auditions. But all of this is bound to accelerate in the wake of the release of Twist in Bamako. Without losing sight of the essential: ” I want to keep as long as possible this wonder that I lived on Twist in Bamako. “

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