Alien: Noah Hawley’s series will respect the world of films, says producer

Alien: Noah Hawley's series will respect the world of films, says producer
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It will take place on Earth, however, and will not tell a story around Ripley.

Last December, we learned that Noah Hawley was preparing a series Alien for FX, the channel that produced its shows Fargo and Legion, which would be quite different from the films released since 1979 in theaters. Immediately the production let it be known thatit would take place on Earth, in the near future. Then we learned that his plot wouldn’t revolve around Ripley, the heroine of the films played by Sigourney Weaver. “She’s one of the greatest characters of all time and I think the story was told pretty perfectly, he justified. I don’t want to touch it. “

Fans ofAlien therefore expect a series quite different from the cinematographic universe built so far, which Hawley has also succeeded very well by developing in his own way those of the Coen brothers for Fargo or some X-Men for Legion. Its producer John Langraf nevertheless assures that Noah “is fully aware that there is a cinematographic universe aroundAlien, and the public will recognize him if he is familiar with this world “, relay Deadline. By the way, Ridley Scott, the director of the original film and the prequels Prometheus and Covenant, is also in the production of this series. The boss of the channel adds that “It’s a big beast for the director, a really huge exercise in building a whole universe. I’m optimistic, we should be able to shoot it in 2023. It’s a long way, but we want to do it well.”

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