All Of Us Are Dead: the making-of that explains how to infest a high school with zombies

All Of Us Are Dead making of

A behind-the-scenes video of the South Korean production, with explanations from director Lee JQ: “In short, we built a four-storey high school…”

New success of a K-drama on Netflix! All Of Us Are Dead has been a hit for weeks and the platform has just uploaded a long video behind the scenes of production. 7 minutes to better understand how this fake high school 100 meters long was made, how the zombies, the students, etc. were thought out…

Director Lee JQ reflects on the creation of this meticulously crafted universe: “The high school was given a bright and lively look at the beginning. We studied the lighting and the colors for each space”, he says, specifying that he had done everything possible to draw “a realistic look” which is obvious. For example, “the red blood contrasts with the green uniforms of the students. Through this contrast of colors, we wanted to show the intensity…”

And to go to the end of their idea, the producers of All Of Us Are Dead did not hesitate to have an entire building built: “To develop our vision, we created a set 100 meters long. In short, we built a four-storey high school…”

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