All of Us are Dead: what to understand from the end (before season 2)

All of Us Are Dead

The Korean series is a hit on Netflix in 91 countries.

We still don’t know if All of Us are Dead will be renewed for a season 2. It is very likely, given the global success of the Korean series currently (124.7 million hours of Korean drama were watched in 91 countries around the world, during the first week of posting) . But also because the end of season 1 opens a lot of doors. Explanations.

How is All of Us are Dead different from other Korean zombie series?

Spoiler alert!
The bombardment of Hyosan was brutal. The last military report mentioned in the finale reveals that of the 170,000 inhabitants who lived in the city before this epidemic, 110,000 made it out alive. There are therefore 60,000 victims at the end of All of Us are Dead.

A human drama which, inevitably, will upset the lives of the survivors in the probable season 2. Especially since, of course, we know full well that the Jonas virus is still as active as ever. Because earlier in this last episode, the creator’s infected son and wife are kidnapped by the army for unknown reasons. Certainly to seek a cure… unless it is to exploit the virus and turn it into a weapon of mass destruction… Anyway, we will remember that Nam-ra also carries the virus inside her, as well as the rest of the infected people she alludes to in the last moments of this season 1. Who is she really?

So, even without zombies to get started, a second season would still have plenty of avenues to explore…

It only remains for Netflix to confirm season 2 of All of Us are Dead in the coming weeks. To keep fans waiting, the streamer has just uploaded an epic making-of of the premiere:

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