Alone on Mars: Lord of the Rings’ nod almost cut

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Sean Bean Alone on Mars
20th Century Fox

“This reference was already in the script before we cast Sean Bean. When he arrived, we wondered if we should keep it …”, explains screenwriter Drew Goddard.

Alone on Mars returns tonight on TMC. It is the biggest success of Ridley Scott’s career. Shortly after its release at the end of 2015, its screenwriter Drew goddard returned to his creation at the microphone ofEmpire and told funny anecdotes about Sean bean, who plays the leader of the space mission. Staying on Earth, he must find a way to bring his astronauts back alive, especially the one embodied by Matt damon, which is stuck on Mars. Along with other eminent members of NASA, he participated in the “Elrond Project”, an obvious nod to “Council of Elrond” which has not escaped the fans of the Lord of the Rings. Especially with Sean Bean on screen, aka Boromir in the Peter Jackson.

“In fact, that reference was already in the script before we caste Sean Bean. When he arrived, we wondered if we should keep it, we were afraid the audience would think we were playing smart. We ended up keeping it, because we love it and we thought it was important that Alone on Mars be filled with winks like this. The spectators had to feel that the story is not happening. in the approximate future, but that it is on the contrary close to us. It’s almost contemporary, the plot takes place in twenty years or less. It’s our culture. And if you go to NASA, you you will come across lots of people who worship The Lord of the Rings “.

Alone on Mars is the anti-Interstellar (critical)

More seriously, he admits that this scene where scientists are discussing to find a solution is quite long:

“There were 8 pages of dialogue so you definitely didn’t have to cut the jokes. Ridley pointed out to us that it was long. As a screenwriter, I was like ‘If the director wants to make cuts, he’ll make cuts. cuts’, but luckily our executive producer Steve Aswell refused. “

Speaking of Sean Bean, the screenwriter returned to another detail that amused the audience (attention, SPOILER) : his character does not die on the screen, for once.

“That’s true, but on the other hand, he’s the least lucky (well after our hero, obviously), because he’s the only one who gets fired. No one else is. fired. So from NASA’s point of view, it’s like we killed him! (laughs) (…) Okay, in the end we see him enjoying retirement by playing golf with his grandson. In fact, he appreciates his situation. “

Trailer of Alone on Mars :

Matt Damon: “Alone on Mars, it’s not Alone in the world”

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