Alpe d’Huez 2022: Michaël Abiteboul, leading supporting role

The actor is on the poster for The Revenge of the Glitter Shrimp, in competition at the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival.

Back to Alpe d’Huez for the Shrimp Sequins, with a sequel that takes the group to the Gay Games in Tokyo. But after a connection problem, the athletes miss their connection and find themselves stuck in the depths of Russia, in a particularly homophobic region… A successful comedy that avoids the trap of repetition, and where one of the best supporting roles shines French, Michaël Abiteboul, seen in – to name a few – 20 years apart, Super star, mom or dad, BAC North Where The Office of Legends. Encounter.

After the success of the film at the Alpe d’Huez festival in 2019, was there great pressure to come back with a sequel?

I was very curious to see how the film would be received. Three years ago, it was a very good surprise and we were overwhelmed by the reactions. There, I told myself that it could produce the opposite effect, because the expectation was there. She could have been nice and schoolboy this sequel, and I would have found it a bit sad but most people would surely have been satisfied with it. Except that Cédric Le Gallo and Maxime Govare [les réalisateurs] took risks, especially in the commitment of the word that they wanted to defend. And I’m proud of the film because it goes elsewhere than the first.

Was it a relief to realize that when you received the script?

No, actually I was really sad because my character didn’t go with them in the story. It’s weird, but I almost took it personally. Like giving up. I felt punished. So I tossed the script! And I haven’t read it for a month. I told them I was going to think about it… It was a feeling that was beyond me. And then, finally, I plunged back into it and I offered them things, which weren’t necessarily kept but which nourished the character. I think I did a straighter job than in the first one where sometimes I didn’t know what I was playing. And I see it on the screen. There, it’s closer to me, I’m quite happy.

We can see how an actor of main roles can build his career. But how is it for a supporting role actor?

I don’t have a career plan, it’s done over the meetings. I like being part of the team, joining a group. But I have always projected myself into a career as a supporting role. Attention: with envy, appetite and curiosity, huh. Basically, I have a taste for more auteur cinema, and what amuses me is when someone offers me something complicated that I don’t know how to do. It excites me. On the other hand, I never aspired to climb to the summits. Maybe to protect me. I often ask myself the question of my ambition… I find that it’s a job in its own right to reach the leading roles. But the few times I had more exposed roles, it was great because the field of possibilities was much wider. So it doesn’t scare me, but I feel like my place is as a supporting role in this job that I love. I have no bitterness. As long as I work with people who interest me, I can find a place – even a small one – that brings a stone to the building.

Does it require less ego to be a supporting role?

May be. My ego is placed oddly. This does not prevent me from having some at times and not at all sulking my pleasure when I have positive feedback! And then the anonymity – at least a relative anonymity – I don’t find that unpleasant. People recognize me in a very episodical way, or else they don’t really know what they saw me in. It’s funny, there would be a short film to do on it! The other time, a woman was convinced that I lived in Nantes and that we had known each other for a long time; a little kid thought that I worked at the restaurant “Chez Stéphanie” (Laughter.) People often make associations of ideas and are persuaded to have seen me in a film in which I did not act…” Tell me what did I see you in? ” I do not know ! I’ve done a few, movies! (Laughter.) Let’s say that my background looks like me. When I started in this job, I came from the South, I didn’t know anyone, I was red-haired, I had a somewhat complicated name… It was not won! And then I worked. The danger of small roles is to tell yourself that you don’t need to work, that it’s going to roll on its own. This is a mistake: it requires a lot of work.

Are the directors coming to pick you up today? Or is it an uninterrupted casting process despite your experience?

A bit of both. I read all the scripts given to me – even if sometimes after 20 pages I can’t go any further – and I try to answer quickly, because I think that’s the minimum of respect I owe directors and writers. But I regularly do tryouts, and sometimes it’s great to do it because it can be a way for directors to “try out”. But I don’t always want to wait for the other, I think you also have to build yourself in the “no”. Even when you don’t have a choice. Because the “no” of an actor, that raises something. At my level, people are very used to accepting everything. So sometimes you have to mark the occasion. Show disagreement.

The Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps, in competition at the Alpe d’Huez international comedy film festival and on April 13 at the cinema.

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