Already 100,000 admissions in France for Marvel’s Shang-Chi

On his first day in France, the MCU’s new hero is stronger than Kad Merad’s Triumph and James Wan’s new horror film, Malignant.

It is less strong than Black widow, but it is already a real start for the French Box office, after the very small score Reminiscence with Hugh Jackman (19,882 admissions) last week. Shang-Shi, the legend of the ten rings, has accumulated 98,630 admissions in almost 520 cinemas across the country. Logically, the last Marvel, rather well received by the critics, takes the head of the Box office 1st day.

If it remains far enough from the score of the previous MCU opus, namely Black widow and its 185,000 admissions in mid-July (at a time without a health pass, let’s be clear), Shang-Shi still puts the competition at a safe distance.

The comedy A triumph, carried by Kad Merad, follows with 36,198 entries. And Malignant, the horror film by director James Wan (The Conjuring) completed the podium with 12,367 spectators.

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