Alternate Guard trailer: Didier Bourdon shared between Valérie Bonneton and Isabelle Carré

Wild bunch

It’s not just for kids.

Didier Bourdon, Valérie Bonneton and Isabelle Carré imagine with Alternating custody a somewhat strange division between a man, his wife and his mistress. The story of Sandrine, married for fifteen years, two children, who discovers that her husband Jean has an extramarital affair. After the shock, she decides to meet her rival, Virginie, and offers her a strange deal: take Jean on alternate custody. The two women come to an agreement and impose this new way of life on their man.

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Directed by Alexandra Leclère (The Price to Pay, Le Grand Partage, Mum), Alternating custody will be rebroadcast this Sunday, on France 2.

Here is his trailer:

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