Alyssa Milano today confesses misplaced rivalries during Charmed’s era

warner bros.

“I have to take responsibility for a lot of our tensions on the set.”

It’s an open secret: the shooting of Charmed was enamelled with strong tensions between the actresses and in particular between the initial star of the magic drama, Shannen doherty, and her young rival Alyssa Milano. So much so that Doherty left the series after three seasons, in 2001, claiming that year to have resigned because‘There was too much drama on set and not enough passion for the job.

Twenty years later, his former colleague and TV sister made amends. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alyssa Milano confided bluntly about this period:

“I have to take responsibility for a lot of our tensions on the set”, confesses the actress, with hindsight. “I think a lot of our arguments came from feeling like I was competing with her, rather than being in that female solidarity, between sisters, that the show was all about. I have a certain guilt that goes with it. I’m left with about my role in this whole thing. “

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Over time, the tensions subsided. And the 48-year-old actress, whose new book Sorry Not Sorry just released, reconnected with Shannen doherty, who has suffered from cancer for several years: “I send him messages every two months to get news. I have respect for her. She is a great actress. And she loves her family so much. I just wish I had trusted myself so much to recognize him at the time. “ A real big fat mea culpa.

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