Amazon announces Darknet-sur-Mer, its new French series for Prime Video

Theo Fernandez, in Stalk
Stalk, on France.TV

The story of a scam set up by two hackers living in a small, uneventful fishing port…

After the abrupt cessation of MixedPrime Vidéo announces the production of a new original French series stamped Amazon. Darknet-sur-Mer (which will receive CNC assistance for the first time) has already started filming in Charente-Maritime

The story: On the Darknet, VRASESIN, a mysterious site, offers the services of formidable contract killers. The 2.0 branch of the Albanian mafia? No, rather a big scam set up by Ben and Flo, two amateur hackers residing in the quiet little fishing port of Ponet-sur-Mer. At the other end of France, Alkan, a real Albanian thug, seeks to subcontract the assassination of a gang leader and is about to become their first pigeon.

Darknet-sur-Mer brings together a nice cast carried by Artus and Théo Fernandez, with also Joséphine Draï, Léon Plazol, Imer Kutllovci, Isabelle Candelier, Vincent Desagnat and Arié Elmaleh.

Composed of 6 episodes and produced by Remy Four and Julien War (Gangsterdam, On the other side of the ring road), Darknet-sur-Mer will be released in 2022 on Prime Video.

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