Amazon is preparing a Mass Effect series, adapted from the video game

Mass Effect
Electronic artes

The Electronic Arts SF franchise is expected to be streamed to screen. The project has not even started yet.

While the series Halo finally materializes after years of development, and while waiting fallout on Prime Video, it’s another cult video game of the same genre that is getting ready to be adapted on the small screen. Amazon Studios is set to close a deal to develop a series based on Mass Effect, the famous Electronic Arts SF franchise.

The first viewing figures of the platform’s new fantasy saga, The Wheel of Time, exceeding expectations “high“from Prime Video, Amazon Studios director Jennifer Salke wishes “Continue to invest in fantastic genres of all kinds. We have a gender-focused team on the ground… working tirelessly with our creative partners on these lists. There will be more in the future ..”

Mass Effect is an Action-RPG game, which comes in the form of a space soap opera: in 2148, humanity discovers a technology of extraterrestrial origin allowing it to conquer space. In 2183 in our Galaxy, Commander Shepard goes on a mission to counter an army of conquerors.

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