Amazon Prime Video announces French series and films with Orelsan, Jean Dujardin, Melha Bedia, Franck Gastambide…

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In addition to Alphonse, Nicolas Bedos’ series, the platform unveils other projects.

We learned yesterday that Nicolas Bedos was going to shoot his first series, Alphonsewith Jean Dujardinwith whom he recently teamed up on OSS 117 3. The story of this comedy in six episodes is imagined by the duo: His name is Alphonse and he lives in France. “JI am here, ladies, to satisfy all your desires, even the most shameful. All. I will become whoever you want: your childhood sweetheart, your idol, your pet or your executioner. Whatever your physique or your age, you will be the most beautiful woman in the world” he promises according to a price, to be negotiated…

Alphonse will not be the only French novelty on the platform, which has also unveiled film and original series projects as part of a Parisian presentation by the Amazon Originals France creative director for Prime Video, Thomas Dubois, relayed by Le Film Français. Here they are gathered below, according to their progress.

Amazon Prime Video draws a very ambitious new French line-up

Let’s start with the cinema first. Classico is a comedy whose filming has just ended under the supervision of Federation Entertainment and Yvette Production. Written and produced by Nathanael Guedj (If you see my mother) and Adrien Piquet-Gauthier (Boutchou), it will be driven mainly by Ahmed Sulla, Hakim Jemili and Alice Belaidibut also in supporting roles Elie Semoun, Jean Baptiste Maunier, Oxmo Puccino and Denis Podalydes. The story will follow a pure Marseillais, who loses the Champions Cup. To recover it, he will have to pass himself off as a Parisian within the capital itself. This is Sami’s challenge (Ahmed Sulla), kid with a big heart, who will infiltrate a hostile environment and manipulate Lisa (Alice Belaidi), typical Parisian woman. A priori everything opposes them, she is inaccessible, charming and always in a hurry. Unless Sami falls in love with the capital…

Another completed shoot, that ofOverdoseofOlivier Marchal (36 Quai des Goldsmiths) from a screenplay co-written with the policeman Christophe Gavatwhich adapts the novel Deadly traffics of Pierre Poucheret. Carried in particular by Sofia Essaïdi, Assaâd Bouab, Kool Shen, Moussa Mansaly, Simon Abkarian, Zoé Marchal and Kenza Fortas, he will follow Sara, head of the narcotics squad of the Toulouse police, who is investigating a go-fast between Spain and France, in which her former lover, Raynal, is infiltrated. She quickly discovers that her case is linked to the murder of two teenagers in a Parisian hospital which Richard, the head of the local criminal police, is looking after. Forced to work together to find the killer and stop the go-fast, Sara and Richard find themselves thrust into a breathless race against time on the roads of Spain and France as their attraction to each other grows.

After cute, Maimouna Doucoure currently preparing Hawaiinamed after a 15-year-old girl (the revelation Sania Halifa) living alone with her critically ill grandmother (Oumou Sangare). She fears being placed in another home by social services. When she learns that a great personality is visiting Paris for three days, Hawa has the crazy idea of ​​being adopted by this personality, whom she admires more than anything… Hawa is supported by Bien ou Bien Productions.

Medellin will be an action comedy from and with Franck Gastambide (The Kaira, Taxi 5…), co-written and also supported by Charles Van Thieghem (with whom he has already teamed up on Validé). The story of Pablito, a young YouTuber fascinated by Pablo Escobar, who will follow in the footsteps of the drug baron by traveling to Colombia. Shortly after his arrival in Medellin, a video posted on social networks will reveal that he has been kidnapped by dangerous narcos, who demand a huge ransom to free him. Pablito’s older brother then sets up a team to try to save him. Produced by Mandarin & Compagnie, this film will start shooting in a fortnight, in Colombia.

Franck Gastambide: “There will be no season 3 of Validé for the moment”

On the series side, besides AlphonseAmazon Prime Video officially announces the launch of season 2 of its spy series Totemcurrently being written, as well as the upcoming broadcast of new episodes of the documentary Orelsan “Never show that to anyone. The studio also confirms Pogmentarya docu-series returning to the career of the footballer Paul Pogbaproduced by Black Dynamite (Mediawan group). She also showed the first images of two series already announced: Greek saladsequel to the trilogy The Spanish innof Cedric Klapischwhich this time will follow the children of Wendy and Xavier in Athens, and Miskinaco-directed by Melha Bedia (who also plays the heroine) and Anthony Marciano (The kids). The story of Fara, 30 years old, without an apartment, without a job and without a guy, who decides to take matters into her own hands.

Among the new products that should soon go into production, Amazon announces Ourikaa drama in seven episodes of 52 minutes, created by Clement Godard, Elie Yaffa (better known by his rapper name Booba), Clement Gournay and Vincent L’Anthoenwhich will tell the story of the confrontation between Driss and William, a drug dealer and a younger generation cop, during the Paris riots in 2005. The platform also details the content of Killer Coastera series of 8 30-minute episodes imagined by Nikola Lange (Derby Girl seasons 1 and 2) and Thomas Mansuy (also on Derby Girl season 2, but also Household Scenes, With family, Ten percent…). The pitch takes us back to the summer of 1998, in Palavas-les-Flots, then in the middle of the World Cup. Sandrine, a bumbling contract worker who thinks she’s a CIA agent, decides to investigate a mysterious accident at the local funfair. Incompetent and intolerant to glucose, she will have to infiltrate this very closed world rich in cotton candy. Between clan wars, fluff and bumper cars, she will be forced to team up with Yvanne and Carmen, two fairgrounds without faith or law. What if there was a killer in the carnival?

Amazon took advantage of this presentation of “originals” to recall in passing the development of its shows, for example the launch of a “dating show” based on astrology and presented by Nabillawhich will be called Cosmic Loveor seasons 2 of Celebrity Hunted and 3 of Lol: Who laughs, comes out! Productions from ITV Studios and Endemol which will soon be broadcast on the platform. It also promises to strengthen its sports programming, in particular by broadcasting Ligue 1 football matches and by offering “enriched coverage” of the next Roland Garros tennis tournament.

Nicolas Bedos will direct an Amazon series with Jean Dujardin

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