Ambulance: Michael Bay criticizes the digital effects of his own film

The director prefers to shoot his action scenes in real life.

Ambulanceof Michael Bay, has already been released in France, but not yet in the United States. It will be visible in its country of origin only from April 8. The promo for the action film is therefore starting with us: the director was in Paris last week with his main actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza González, and he revealed during a preview organized by the Pathé-Gaumont cinemas, that he did not appreciate all the special effects of his own film.

Having had the opportunity to turn Ambulance in Los Angeles during the Covid-19 epidemic, he took advantage of the confinement to shoot spectacular action scenes with a reduced team in the streets of the megalopolis, whether he was behind the camera himself or equipped with drones to fly over his chase between an ambulance and police cars. “All the explosions and cars flipping over, that’s right, thus explained Bay to the French public. VSwas shot live, in real life, basically. VSIt looked dangerous, and indeed it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. This film is mainly made up of stunts, there were only a few shots on a blue background. But really not many digital effects. Besides, some CGI effects are missed in this film. There are two or three that I’m not happy with, ok? Good.”

Michael Bay – Ambulance: “The police love my films, I don’t really know why”

Answer cash which matches what Michael Bay said throughout the making ofAmbulance : having his film cut in mind before embarking on its staging, he shoots his sequences himself, without an assistant director and without a tent intended to accommodate the return screens. A way of “feel” his shots, to master the realism of his scenes as much as possible. In short, to turn his chase “in truth” as much as possible. Unlike his transformerswhich required a lot of special effects to be created in post-production, or more generally to current blockbusters which are mostly shot on blue backgrounds (we thus discover in the bonuses of Spider-Man: No Way Home that even the simple dialogue scenes are filmed without decor, in order to add them later according to the script rewrites). Michael Bay’s remarks, however, created the beginning of a controversy in Hollywood when David F. Sandberg (Shazam!) retweeted the video clip of the preview and that the director’s response was understood as an open criticism of the work of VFX artists in Hollywood films, explains variety. The video has since been deleted, but Bay will certainly have the opportunity to talk about it again and refine his point during the American promotion ofAmbulance.

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