American Crime Story: Ryan Murphy’s series will be entitled to two spin-offs

American Crime Story: Ryan Murphy's series will be entitled to two spin-offs

American Love Story will focus on John F. Kennedy Jr. and American Sport Story on the Aaron Hernandez case.

Ryan murphy is decidedly tireless. As he prepares for the 10th season ofAmerican Horror Story (Watch his alien-filled trailer here), and begins to teaser season 3 ofAmerican Crime Story, which will retrace the scandal caused by the extra-marital relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the show creator has just signed with FX to oversee two spin-offs of the latter: American Love Story and American Sport Story.

American Crime Story season 3: Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton in the first teaser

The first will revisit the romantic relationship between John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette, who died in a plane crash in 1999 after making the headlines of the tabloids, the tabloids following their passion very closely. The second will retrace the journey of Aaron Hernandez, an NFL player who was found guilty of murder and committed suicide in prison. Two dark stories, then. These projects confirm in passing that Ryan Murphy has drawn a line on season 4 of his basic series, which was to be interested in Hurricane Katrina, but whose budget was too high for the channel. Note that these spin-offs do not yet have a release date. To be patient, the second is already the subject of a documentary, From sport to murder: Inside Aaron Hernandez’s head, broadcast in X episodes on Netflix.

Season 3 ofAmerican Crime Story will be available from September 7 on FX.

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