American Crime Story season 3: Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton in the first teaser

American Crime Story season 3 - Impeachment

In the cast, we will find Clive Owen, Sarah Paulson and Beanie Feldstein.

Finally ! Season 3 ofAmerican Crime Story by Ryan Murphy is revealed through a first teaser which confirms its broadcast on September 7 in the United States (with us, Canal + will take care of the broadcast). Impeachment: American Crime Story will return to the “Monica Lewinsky affair” and her affair with President Bill Clinton. Recall that the latter had first denied the facts and had been the subject of an impeachment procedure for having lied.

If the video says very little (we just see the young woman walking the corridors of the White House to the Oval Office, where we can see Clinton from behind), we know that Clive Owen will play the former president, then as Beanie Feldstein (Booksmart, Lady Bird…) Will play Monica Lewinsky. Sarah Paulson, Ryan Murphy’s favorite actress, will take on the role of Linda Tripp, Lewinky’s confidante.

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