An Indian in the City: Chronicle of Unexpected Success

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An indian in the city

The comedy with Miou-Miou, Thierry Lhermitte, Arielle Dombasle and patrick Timsit returns this evening on television.

Tonight, TF1 rebroadcast An indian in the city, the comedy ofHerve Palud in which Thierry lhermitte finds his son raised in the jungle by his ex-wife. The young man named Mimi Siku (Ludwig Briand) then follows him to Paris and discovers a whole other world in which he will have to integrate himself, while his father is meanwhile stuck in a difficult financial transaction with a disreputable Latvian businessman. Popular comedy par excellence, the film is full of scenes and cult lines, which end up entering into everyday language. From the giant spider Maïtika to the credits hummed by Uncle David (“To each his own way, to each his own …”), An indian in the city entered the collective unconscious as the great popular films do over the years.

Released at the end of 1994, An indian in the city was a huge success in theaters with nearly 8 million admissions and is still the delight of the channels which rebroadcast it. He is thus in the top 3 of Lhermitte, who did better in 2006 with The Tanned 3 (10 million) and The Dinner of Cons, in 1998. Following this full box, in 1996, Mimi Siku was even the hero of a video game (developed by Titus Interactive) and a year later, he was entitled to an American remake, An Indian in New York, worn by Tim Allen and Martin Short, which however did not work as much. Ten years later, its director achieved further critical success with Albert is mean, carried by Michel Serrault and Christian Clavier, but at the box office, it did not cross 500,000 admissions.

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The synopsis ofAn indian in the city : Stéphane Marchadot (Thierry lhermitte), Steph for close friends, specialist in Asian markets, leaves for the Amazon to settle his divorce with Patricia (Miou-Miou), left 13 years ago. He sees the future in pink. Business is going very well and in a month he remarries Charlotte (Arielle Dombasle), a young beauty steeped in oriental mysticism. But a surprise awaits him when he arrives. Thirteen is exactly Mimi-Siku’s age (Ludwig Briand), his son, raised in the forest by the Indians. Patricia had ditched her pregnant and he didn’t know. Divorced but trapped, “Baboune” dad brings his Indian-son back to Paris where the problems begin. Soybean prices have collapsed and his partner, Richard (Patrick Timsit), who was awaiting his orders, did not sell on time. The little savage keeps messing around and climbs the Eiffel Tower like a monkey. The Latvian mafia threatens him and he sabotages his father’s marriage plans. Steph gets more and more stressed and little Indian falls in love.

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