Ana de Armas: “I quickly turned into a secret agent” for James Bond 25

The actress went on to shoot Blonde (where she plays Marilyn Monroe) and Die Can Wait.

Daniel Craig won’t be the only one to be back in action in the upcoming James Bond: Ana de Armas will share with him several stunts in the shoes of a CIA agent. And the actress reveals that she went through very intense training to slip into this role.

“I tried to organize myself to train, but my preparation for To die can wait was not as long as I would have liked, explains the actress to Harper’s Bazaar. I had just turned Blonde hair, so I only had a few days to get in shape, as I went straight from filming Blonde to filming Bond. I didn’t have time to go on a diet or weight training. Finally, during the days when I was able to really train (especially shooting and learning combat choreography), it was very, very intense. It was a short, but particularly intense immersion in the world of Bond. I quickly turned into a secret agent. “

Ana de Armas: “A Cuban who plays Marilyn. I wanted so badly to do it.”

After multiple postponements due to the global Covid-19 epidemic, the next James Bond, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, will be released on October 6 in theaters. As for the biopic of Marilyn Monroe directed by Andrew Dominik, it is expected on Netflix in 2022.

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