Ana de Armas: “I wanted to be something other than the pretty girl lying on a bed set”

In Die Can Wait, the actress plays a funny, trigger-happy Cuban agent.

It only takes an appearance of about twenty minutes for Ana de Armas to transform To die can wait. In a single sequence she manages to bring 007, the film and the spectators to her feet. We only got four minutes in the interview, but it’s arguably the best introduction to the new James Bond.

Premiere: How does it feel to be the new Bond Girl?

Aaaah. Say like that, I don’t really know. When I found out I had the part, I was both excited and a little worried. I reassured myself by working Paloma as a character apart.

Ana de Armas: How?

I talked to Cary a lot to create this character. It was mostly through conversations with him that I was able to bring Paloma to life. I wanted it to be real, consistent. Cary’s view of the character was very cheeky. She must be rebellious, strong, tempestuous. And different! From the start he spoke to me about these very feminine qualities which made him a bond girl of a new kind.

Daniel Craig: “Dying can wait is the right way to take leave”

That is to say ?

It had to be more complex than the usual “pretty girl lying with her stilettos on the bed set.” And then what was easier was that she was Cuban… it gave me a little more space to play it my way. There was the language, the accent …

You say that your character is light, insolent, rebellious. However, Craig’s films are rather dark and very, very, very serious. Does the character of Paloma testify to a desire to go for this film towards a little more lightness?

What Daniel did was wonderful: he brought some humanity to the character. His Leap is conflictual, complex, ambiguous. He is a struggling man who makes mistakes and struggles perpetually. It’s a Bond that you can really identify with. And this film is in line with what he has accomplished so far …

Good, it’s not just Bond Girls in life. There is also Marilyn. What was the hardest thing to play: Blonde hair or Bond?

Ah ah ah. Nothing to see ! Bond was physical. I had to go through a lot of training and I had never done this for a role. The choreographies of action, the handling of weapons, everything was new. It was funny. Blonde hair… It’s… completely different. It is a drama, very hard, which takes up part of the story. Let’s say one was more physically demanding and the other harder mentally, or emotionally.

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