Ana Girardot, François Berléand and Cédric Klapisch tell us about Deux moi

two me
Nicolas Bellet

After What binds us, Cédric Klapisch brings together Ana Girardot and François Civil again in Deux Moi. Meet.

Up-to-date filmmaker, Cedric Klapisch has managed to capture his era again in his new film, In body. Before that, the creator of The Spanish inn had already conquered the public thanks to two me (in theaters September 2019). He brought together again the duo he had formed on his previous film, What binds us : Ana Girardot and Francois Civil. But he also added this time Francois Berleand and Camille Cottin. During the Angoulême festival, that year, we met Cédric Klapisch and two of his actors (Ana Giradot and François Berléand) to talk with them about this new kind of romantic comedy… Here is their interview, to wait until at the first broadcast of the film in clear, this Sunday on France 2.

Two me: a touching and disenchanted Klapisch [Critique]

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