Ana Girardot in Ogre: the fantasy film trailer

A wild beast sows terror in a small village in the Morvans…

As it lands on Prime Video today in Totems, Ana Girardot will soon be the star of a great fantasy film made in France: Ogre, directed by Arnaud Malherbe. The trailer promises a dark and enigmatic atmosphere:

The pitch: “Fleeing a painful past, Chloé starts a new life as a teacher in the Morvan with her 8-year-old son Jules. Warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of the village, she falls under the spell of Mathieu, a charismatic and mysterious doctor. But terrible events disturb the tranquility of the villagers: a child has disappeared and a wild beast attacks the cattle. Jules is on the alert, he feels it, something is prowling around the house at night…”

Ogrealso starring Giovanni Pucci and Samuel Jouy, will be released in theaters on April 20.

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