Anansi Boys: a new American Gods spinoff series commissioned by Amazon

Anasni boys

Mr. Nancy will be the main character of this series which will not be quite a spin-off.

American gods will unfortunately not have a season 4. But the work of Neil gaiman will be available in another form. Amazon Prime Video has officially ordered Anansi Boys, a new series that will focus on Mr. Nancy.

The series will have six episodes and will be adapted from the eponymous fantasy novel by Neil gaiman published in 2005, derived fromAmerican gods, and centered on Charlie Nancy.

The official pitch already tells us about a “young man who is used to being embarrassed by his father whom he is not at all close to, Mr. Nancy. But when the latter dies, Charlie discovers that his father was Anansi, the rogue god of stories. And he learns that he has a brother named Spider, who is going to enter Charlie’s life, determined to make it more interesting by making it much more dangerous … “

American Gods should have an end according to Neil Gaiman

Amazon specifies that it will not be exactly a spin-off or a sequel toAmerican gods, but well of a full-fledged series. Moreover, Orlando Jones, who played the character in the series, will not resume his role.

Neil gaiman will write and produce Anansi Boys alongside Sir Lenny Henry, who previously narrated the audiobook. Production is expected to start in Scotland before the end of the year.

“We’re trying to do a new kind of show with Anansi Boys and innovate to do something that celebrates and celebrates diversity both in front of and behind the camera “, comments Gaiman.

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