And I love fury: a documentary of incredible emotional power [critique]

The co-author of It happened near you tells his story through a montage of amateur films and personal archives, with a sublime soundtrack by Benjamin Biolay. Shocking.

In 2022, It happened close to you celebrates its 30th birthday! Thirty years that will have seen Benoît Poelvoorde become a star, Rémy Belvaux commit suicide at the age of 39 and André Bonzel try to set up projects without any succeeding. Until this documentary like no other where he decided to look back on his life, real or fantasized. And to tell it, accompanying it in voice-over. Bonzel makes Borges’s phrase his own here: “this story is true because I invented it. He draws on images from amateur films – which he has collected since childhood – and mixes them with images he has shot himself – with those close to him as during It happened close to you – to deliver a story as captivating by its kaleidoscopic form as by the melancholy emotion it arouses. He, to whom his father never spoke, from childhood lived his life vicariously through these amateur films and the happy families who passed through them. Bonzel is 60 years old and no doubt this documentary has always been on his mind. Without this affecting his ability to let himself be surprised by certain images of his family that he has seen and seen again, like this tender gesture from his father towards him that he would swear he never experienced. Powerfully intimate, And I love to fury however, never places the viewer in the position of a voyeur. He invites her into this whirlwind of strong emotions where laughter and tears follow one another, accompanied by the breathtakingly rich soundtrack by Benjamin Biolay. Full-fledged character of a film that haunts you long after its final image.

By Andre Bonzel. Documentary. Duration: 1h36. Released April 20, 2022

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