And Just Like That… a second season is already in the pipeline

And Just like That...

“Certainly, yes!” Answers Sarah Jessica Parker without hesitation.

And Just Like That… is about to close the chapter of the return of the girls of Sex and the City. But a new comeback cannot be ruled out. Because Michael Patrick King, screenwriter and director, confirms in variety that a season 2 is possible.

While the series has yet to be officially renewed, the executive producer is clearly interested in continuing:

We did something that was hard to do, which is to say, we took something familiar, old, and made something new. For better and for worse“. And Sarah Jessica Parker goes further, when asked if she is ready to re-enlist: “Certainly yes.”

A making-of will tell the backstage of the return of Sex and the City

The concern will come from the diaries of each other, which are not easy to synchronize. “But Michael and I discussed this two weeks ago and we agreed to start the discussion (around season 2). Because there is a schedule and we don’t want to let too much time pass. We feel that there is a momentum there…”

Still, this season 2 of And Just Like That… will always be done without Kim Cattrall. “No, she couldn’t come back”, calm down right away Michael Patrick King. “Just like we knew Kim wouldn’t be in season 1, because she said what she said… You can have magical thoughts in fiction. But I also have to be an intelligent producer. If I’m thinking magically, I figure it would be great to have Samantha. But realistically, I have no expectation of any reappearance from Kim Cattrall.”

In France, And Just Like That… is to be seen on Salto.

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