And Just Like That … Salto will broadcast in France and exclusively the sequel to Sex and the City

And Just like That

The new series with Carrie Bradshaw will be offered in US + 24 from December 10.

Salto had already managed a nice pirouette by getting his hands on Friends: reunion, last summer, even before the special was broadcast in France on TF1. New coup for the hexagonal streaming platform: it will be the first to broadcast in US + 24 of And Just Like That, Following Sex and the City.

A real surprise, knowing that the mother series has been available in full on OCS for years with us.

But obviously, Salto has a good relationship with HBO Max – which was already behind the reunion of Friends – and therefore recover And Just Like That, exclusively, with the nose and beard of the competition.

We will therefore find Carrie and her New York friends in their new fiftieth lives from December 10 on the French platform, 24 hours after its official launch (December 9 on HBO Max in the USA).

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