Andie McDowell opens up about his daughter, Margaret Qualley, who she stars with in Maid

Andie McDowell Margaret Qualley, in Maid

“I felt like I understood how my performance was going to affect his performance.”

Yes Maid is a very beautiful melodrama that takes the guts, the new Netflix series is also an event, because it brings together for the first time the superstar of the 1990s, Andie McDowell, with his daughter, Margaret qualley, young actress who has been rising since she revealed herself in The Leftovers.

“It was a gift, I have to say. It was truly an incredible opportunity.“, entrusts Andie McDowell in interview with Collider. She explains that she didn’t hesitate a second before accepting this role, too happy to finally be able to give her daughter the answer: “I was actually amazed that she wanted to, because it was really important for her to make her own road, without help, to have her own acting trip. But I have the impression that she now feels safe in this environment, that she is already recognized, independently of me. And suddenly, that she is comfortable with the idea of ​​working with me. “

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In Maid, which has been a hit on Netflix for a few days, Andie McDowell embodies the bipolar mother of the heroine played by Margaret qualley. “I have had personal experiences with mental illness because my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia right after I was born and underwent shock treatments. Then she came home to be left alone. There was not the whole current support system at the time. It was just embarrassing to have a mental illness. So I grew up in this really crazy environment, and Margaret knew it. She knew I would be perfect for the role. “

As for working with the one she raised in real life, Andie McDowell especially saw an advantage: “I felt like I understood how my performance was going to affect his performance. I was very aware of it. I understood that if I showed how broken my character, Paula, was and you could see her dark side, then it would be even better for Alex, Margaret’s character. I devoured my character to make it as tasty as possible. And then after the shoot, during the weekend, I took care of my daughter. I could become a mother to her again. Because of course I can’t do that anymore. She won’t leave me. There, I was able to cook for her during the weekends. Just chopping vegetables and cooking for her daughter and feeding her … There is a great beauty in all of this. “

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