Andor: the showrunner promises revelations that will “turn” Star Wars fans

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Screenwriter Tony Gilroy announces that the series will completely change the vision that fans have of the last trilogy.

While the output ofObi-Wan Kenobi is imminent, Lucasfilm has already launched the promotion of its new series Star Wars : Andor. Set 5 years before the events of the spin-off RogueOne, it focuses on the character’s formative years with the Rebellion of Cassian Andor, the spy who stole the plans for the Death Star. The plot will also return to his childhood, spent under the tyrannical control of the Empire. Tony Gilroythe showrunner, explains in an interview for Vanity Fair : “ You know, [le personnage] has been fighting since he was a child. He’s a warrior, and you probably know he’s also an assassin, since he kills an ally in the very first scene. [du film]. It was something hard to swallow, he is morally complex and has a very dark side “.

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As for the many rumors swirling about the plot, Gilroy respond : ” There are certain events that occur during these five years to which attention must be paid. There are certain characters that fans really feel like they understand and know. And in some cases, they are right. But in others, everything you know, everything you’ve been told, and everything on Wookiepedia…is really wrong. Either it’s the opposite of what you thought, or it’s a lie with good reason. I can tell you there are surprises in store.” For the screenwriter, this series is a spy thriller with, in the cast, Diego Luna in the lead role, Stellan Skarsgard and Adria Arjona whose roles have not yet been clarified. Genevieve O’Reilly, former senator turned rebel leader Mon Mothma will also be on screen. ” The series begins with a banal situation for a thief, which is close to film noir. A sleazy guy with problems, trying to sell what he found to save himself. Then a rebellious recruiter appears, who observes him attentively, to enlist him at the worst moment of his life. precise Gilroy.

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The main actor announced that certain elements which were barely mentioned in RogueOne will be explored in detail: We were able to invent, create and dream up all the answers you can’t find in [le film]. I thought that character was gone for me. And suddenly, when they asked me if I was ready to start again, I directly answered ‘Yes, of course’, because I also had questions. It is the journey of a migrant, that is to say all that I am! This feeling of having to move is very present in the story. Not being able to stay where you come from, how it shapes you, defines you and what you do with it, etc. But [Cassian] does not see beyond himself “.

The exact release date ofAndor hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will be available on the Disney+ platform this summer.

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