Angelina Jolie, in majesty, imposes herself in Those who want my death [critique]

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Those who want my death Angelina Jolie
Warner bros

No theatrical release for Taylor Sheridan’s film, which will be broadcast tonight on Canal +.

Those who want my death, of Taylor sheridan (screenwriter of Sicario and Comancheria and director of Wind river) will be broadcast at 9:11 p.m. on Canal +. In June, First had met his star, Angelina Jolie, to talk about her return to the headliner (she was on the cover of magazine n ° 519). Here is our review of the film, which ultimately does not come out in theaters but is broadcast directly on television.

Angelina Jolie: “It’s good to fight again”

Angelina Jolie in majesty is here in a thriller on fire and ecofeminist totally improbable but hyper spectacular.

Six months ago, First was covering with Angelina Jolie for this film which was to be released in theaters and which, finally, arrives in streaming. A spectacular action film where Jolie plays Hannah Faber, a firefighter addicted to thrills. But behind her rebellious facade, she is secretly traumatized by a fire that claimed the lives of three kids she could not save. At the beginning of the story, she is sent to a tower in the middle of the countryside to watch the forest fires, but above all to rebuild herself. At the same time, two henchmen eliminate an accountant who witnessed a vast enterprise of mafia corruption. His son manages to escape into the forest in question and finds Faber. This may be a chance to redeem yourself …

Yet written by Taylor Sheridan (brilliant screenwriter of Sicario and Wind river), the script multiplies the grotesque shortcuts and sets fire in all likelihood. It will be necessary to accept the big strings to reach the two major assets of the film: the incredible pieces of cinema skilfully executed (crossing a clearing struck by lightning…). And especially Angelina Jolie. With this role, the star, so rare on the screen, confirms her particular status as a haunted creature and above all as a contemporary feminist icon. Modern witch, her escape from fire and flame-retardant rebirth as a mother figure and badass reference is a reminder that those who truly want her dead can always run – far behind her.

Taylor Sheridan: “My inspiration comes from loneliness”

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