Angelina Jolie – Maleficent: “In everything I do, I try to stay true to certain values”


Maleficent returns this evening on M6.

On the cover of n ° 519 of First (June 2021), Angelina Jolie looks back on his career, and more particularly on his roles as “strong women”. While presenting us his next film, Those who want my death, by Taylor Sheridan, she also mentions Maleficent, its pretty box for the Disney studios released in 2014. On the occasion of the replay of this film freely inspired by The Sleeping Beauty, here is an excerpt from his interview. The full number is always available for sale.

Angelina Jolie: “It’s good to fight again”

You said it, you are a particularly exposed public figure, both in your private life and in your humanitarian action. Does this factor into your role choices?

I do not separate. For me, everything is linked. In everything I do, I try to stay true to certain values, certain struggles, certain principles. I follow my own path, the things that interest me, the things that matter to me. Sometimes it is not obvious. But even Maleficent, the story of a woman whose wings have been cut off and who fights to make them grow back, can be seen as a metaphor for victims of rape who are rebuilding themselves. I don’t have a split personality, I am the same in different aspects of my life. I strive to be fair, not to hurt others, to be honest with myself, without calculating, in everything I do.

Maleficent is a Frozen remake and one of Angelina Jolie’s best roles

The story : Maleficent is a beautiful young woman with a pure heart who leads an idyllic life in the heart of a peaceful forest in a kingdom where happiness and harmony reign. One day, an invading army threatens the country’s borders and Maleficent, listening only to her courage, rises up as a fierce protector of this land. In this fierce struggle, a person in whom she had faith will betray her, triggering in her a suffering unlike any other which will gradually transform her pure heart into a heart of stone. Determined to take revenge, she engages in an epic battle with the king’s successor, casting a terrible curse on her newly born daughter, Aurore. But when the child grows up, Maleficent realizes that the little princess holds the key to the peace of the kingdom, and perhaps also that of her own redemption …

Trailer :

Angelina Jolie: “It’s good to fight again”

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