Animal: an inspiring documentary [critique]

The new documentary from the co-director of Tomorrow follows two amazing teens in their green battle across the planet.

Earth is screwed up. For real. If we stick to its first twenty minutes, this is the observation made by Animal, the new documentary by Cyril Dion (which was made possible thanks to crowdfunding) which draws up a clear statement of the state of our planet, ravaged by an irremediable cycle of ecological and social disasters of which we are indeed the only responsible. Not very optimistic, all that. Fortunately, Animal has found a neat idea to breathe a little fresh air on this apocalyptic inventory: follow two teenagers, Bella the Englishwoman and Vipulan the French, both very invested in the green fight despite their young age. This is the very good idea of ​​the film: to give organic awareness in the form of a cinema duo, following a planetary road trip, going to meet people invested in the protection of the environment against a backdrop of more or less alarmist analyzes of specialists interviewed in front of the camera. Bella and Vipulan’s heroic quest – for it is one, which follows a very epic journey from shadow to light – will end in an Edenic farmhouse, where one dreams of a more local life, more respectful, more animal (we are sorry but we could not not do it). And frankly, it works: we entered the film particularly depressed, we come out rather confident. Fortunately, some still believe in happy ends.

By Cyril Dion. Documentary. Duration 1h45. Release December 1, 2021

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