Anne Hathaway’s good joke to Jared Leto when she saw him in the House of Gucci trailer

Anne Hathaway's good joke to Jared Leto when she saw him in the House of Gucci trailer

She “trolled” this “method actor” on the set of WeCrashed, an Apple TV+ series shot shortly after Ridley Scott’s film.

Canal + will broadcast this evening, for the first time on television, House of Gucci, by Ridley Scott. A film retracing the life of Patrizia (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), the heir of the famous fashion designer, until the assassination of the latter in the mid-1990s, orchestrated by his wife. The director of All the money in the world There he continues his study of the human race and films for the occasion actors whose acting is at the antipodes. The more serious Adam Driver is in the lead role, the more his accomplice Lady Gaga or Jared Leto make tons of them! The latter embodies Paolo Gucci, cousin of Maurizio who is considered a failure by his family, whom he plays with bombast and an exaggerated Italian accent.

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The comedian is known for immersing himself 200% in his roles, presenting himself as a “method actor”, who does not hesitate to stay in the shoes of a character between takes. Even if it means overdoing it and freaking out its playing partners (in particular the team of Suicide Squadin 2016, who recounted in detail his delusions for slip into the Joker costume). “I can promise you one thing: I will never be boring, he said so in First beginning of April, in full promotion of Morbus. At this point in my life and career, I’m trying to break the mould. I feel compelled to make strong choices. To create a breach, to move the lines. Otherwise, I don’t see what it’s for. I don’t give a fuck about having the best smile in Hollywood. (…) I’m not afraid to be extravagant, it’s the right formula. But that’s because I see extravagance everywhere in real life. (…) I like to explore the extremes of human behavior. Sometimes that means being perfectly silent, and sometimes it means being really quiet. The intimate and the extraordinary. That’s exciting.”

Anne Hathawaywho toured with him in WeCrashed a little after House of Gucci can testify to that. She also told Stephen Colbert last March to have it “trolled” on the set of this series for AppleTV+. The day the trailer for Ridley Scott’s film dropped, she couldn’t resist impersonating Lady Gaga in the middle of a take, repeating her line “In the name of the father, the son and the Gucci house”, accompanied by the sign of the cross… and the Italian accent, of course. She wanted to see if she would be able to get him out of his role as Adam Neumann, and her joke worked.

“I respect Jared’s process, she begins. Besides, I had a wonderful time working with him, whoever he was! We were able to create a great connection.” Which did not prevent her, mockingly, from testing it: “The day the trailer for House of Gucci fell, I had to do something, I couldn’t let this chance pass me by. We were shooting a really intense scene that day and I turned to him in the middle and said: ‘Ah, one more thing’ and I threw him the famous ‘In the name of the father, the son and the house of Gucci.’ I was forced ! I had no idea what was going to happen, seeing as he is very intense in his involvement and playing process, but I swear he broke in three. It was like a Horcrux: on one side Jared, on another Paolo Gucci and on another Adam Neumann… When he came to, he said to me: ‘Oh, dear. wow! I think I just time traveled!’ (laughs)”.

A good joke that you might think about tonight when you (re)see House of Gucci on the television. Here is its trailer:

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