Anthony Mackie had no desire to become Captain America

Captain America Sam

“I thought it was a horrible idea …”

Star of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony mackie is the new Captain America of the Marvel Universe. It is he who will now wear the iconic shield, leading the future Avengers. And yet, he didn’t really want to!

“We never talked about Sam Wilson taking the shield, when the show pitch came to me. It was more of the endgame sequel, what was going to happen with the shield, if it was going to be Bucky. or if it was gonna be Sam “, tells the actor during a SAG-AFTRA Foundation panel. “Because at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Sam didn’t accept the shield. He says to Steve: It’s like he belongs to someone else. It’s like this shield is you! So at no point was he excited or impatient to become Captain America.

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So, Anthony MacKie says that Kevin Feige and Nate Moore, the producers, gave her to understand that the story of the series was not fully defined and that she would talk more “de idea or archetype of Captain America. It won’t be you becoming an American Captaina, “they told him.”So I was really confused coming out of this meeting … But I wasn’t excited either. Because I hated the idea of ​​becoming Captain America. For me it was a horrible ideaAnd then finally, it is he who took up the torch.

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