Antoine de Caunes “does not want another Masiero” for the César 2022

Antoine de Caunes Caesar 2022
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“I want to avoid that register.”

Countdown launched for the next Cesar ceremony, on February 25 at the Olympia. But while waiting to be able to know the winners of French cinema for the year 2022, the master of ceremonies Anthony of Caunes spoke about his expectations for this 2022 edition of the Césars, which he will host for the tenth time, in the columns of the Figaro. The opportunity for de Caunes to return to the evening of last year, singled out for its controversies.

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Shaken by a year a little stranger than usual, with the closure of cinemas due to the health crisis, the 46th Cesar Ceremony had looked strange. Only 150 guests, a tense atmosphere after the Polanski case in 2020: things had to be caught up. Animated by Marina Foïs, accompanied in the writing by Laurent Lafitte and Blanche Gardin (who had been given carte blanche), the evening of March 12, 2021 had taken a brutal turn with the arrival on stage of Corinne Masiero and his happening to ask for more means for the cinema. A shocking sequence for some in the community, who do not want it to happen again this year. And at the head of the queue: Antoine de Caunes. The successor of Marina Foiswho will host the Césars under the presidency of Danièle Thompson, told the Figaro : “I don’t want another Masiero. I want to avoid this register (…). I want a joyful evening, emotions and laughter and put cinema back at the heart of this gala.

Corinne Masiero César 2021

A desire shared with its writing team, made up of Marina Rollman, Charline Roux, Martin Darondeau and Thomas Bidegain. “It’s not our intention to write sequences like that. People come to the microphone, speak up and sometimes say things that weren’t planned. It’s also part of the fun of the exercise. But if we can avoid this register, we will do it” moreover explained de Caunes to the Huffington Post at the end of January.

This year, Antoine de Caunes hopes to find “the right balance between valve and respect for the celebration of cinema, which like the whole country is emerging from a difficult period” he says to HP, to create “a joyful ceremony, of emotions and laughter, of a celebration of cinema as an art, but also as entertainment”.

To find out if his wish is granted, however, it will be necessary to wait until February 25 in the evening. And to wait:

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