Aquaman 2: return of Patrick Wilson and Orm teased in shaggy photo

Director James Wan confirms the return of the villain from the first opus … but with a very different look.

After unveiling an official image of the new costume Jason Momoa will wear, the production ofAquaman 2 made new revelations. James wan posted on Instagram a very interesting photo taken behind the scenes of the London set, showing the return of Patrick wilson. Wan’s favorite actor played Orm, the big villain of the first opus (in 2018).

We remember that in the last minutes, “The Ocean Master” had been sentenced to imprisonment by Arthur Curry, who decided to pardon him and save his life. So the snapshot below shows an Orm sporting long, tousled hair with a messy beard, quite different from his intimidating and neat appearance from the first film.

“I found this guy stranded on a deserted beach, doing an impersonation of Alone in the World …”, laughs the director on social networks, commenting on this cliché which could suggest that Orm is going to run away and join the world of the Terrans to prepare his revenge in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, expected in theaters on December 14, 2022.

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