Arcane: the masterful animated series under the sign of LoL

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Inspired by the League of Legends game, the Netflix series is a real success – both graphically and in its storytelling!

This is one of the highlights of the Netflix news for the month of November. Arcane is an animated series for adults inspired by the popular League of Legends video game. When we say “inspired”, understand that it is not necessary to know the title of Riot Games or its universe to understand the plot and appreciate it. Fans of the flagship game in the esports world will find some emblematic figures (champions) such as Vi, Jinx, Jayce or even Caitlyn or even some evocations and references here and there. But nothing cryptic for neophytes who can discover since Sunday, November 7 a first salvo with three of the nine episodes that make up the first season.

Other video games have already had the right to a Netflix animated series adaptation with varying degrees of success. We think of Castlevania broadcast since 2017 (4 seasons) or even Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (2021 – 1 season). However, with Arcane, the Fortiche studio in collaboration with showrunner Christian Linke of Riot Games, exploits with rare talent the dense and underexploited universe of the game. By mixing traditional 2D and 3D animation, the Parisian team brings to life a universe of great beauty. It’s hard not to be blown away by the aesthetics of the series where each shot has been thought of as a real painting. Sets and characters enjoy a level of detail and finish worthy of that of animated feature films. Each episode, about forty minutes each, required nearly a year of work.

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It must be said that the French studio knows its subject. In 2013, he directed the video clip Get Jinxed for Riot Games. Others will follow like Warriors (the title of the group Imagine Dragons which also signs the song of the credits ofArcane), Rise or even Pop / Stars from the virtual pop group K / DA. In 2015, discussions began with Christian Linke (Riot Games) to discuss the possibility of creating an animated series in its own right. The pilot episode is started in the wake. Six years, a pandemic and two moves later, Fortiche’s workforce has grown from around fifty employees to more than 300.

We will therefore gradually discover these nine episodes which follow the inevitably tragic fate of two sisters (Vi and Jinx). The plot takes place in the world of Runeterra. In the city of Piltover lives a wealthy and privileged population. Quite the opposite of Zaun district in the lowlands where the population tries to survive between violence and poverty. The two heroines will love each other, help each other, protect each other, tear each other apart, oppose each other in a world where ancestral magic resurfaces and stirs up fears as much as lusts. Arcane delivers a dark and touching story. Put the kids away because the program is intended for an informed public (classification 16+).

Not because of the visual violence of certain scenes but much more for its darkness and the themes that are discussed there. Even if it is inspired by a video game that has ignored any narrative in favor of pure and hard action (on the Moba mode), Arcane is not a series which multiplies the sequences of fights. The narration takes precedence here on the more spectacular scenes and always masterfully staged. A first for the League of Legends and a unique opportunity to develop a universe whose richness had hitherto remained in the shadows. It’s hard not to fall under the spell of this visually stunning but also truly written series which, from the first three episodes, manages to arouse some beautiful emotions. You might as well be clear: whether you are a gamer or not, you must have seen Arcane.

Arcane on Netflix

Episodes 1 to 3 from November 7,

Episodes 4-6 from November 13

Episodes 7-9 from November 20

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