Archive 81: what future for Melody and Dan in season 2?

Archives 81

Actress Dina Shihabi explains Season 1 and looks ahead.

Surprise success of this beginning of the year on Netflix, Archives 81 is not yet renewed, but could perfectly claim a season 2. In any case, this is what the actress hopes Dina Shihabi. Spoiler alert!

Interviewed by Variety, she first goes back to the story between Melody and Dan and the feelings of her character: “I think what’s so beautiful about their relationship is that it’s a bit ambiguous, especially on her end, because there hasn’t been enough time. But there’s a spiritual connection between them that could lead to a romance, could lead to a deep friendship, could lead to anything really. And that’s what I find moving. It’s almost deeper than a romantic relationship. is something they have never shared with anyone…”

But Dan finds himself stuck in the past at the end of season 1 ofArchives 81 while Melody remains in the present… We imagine that they will use their dreams as a means of reconnecting: “I hope so” responds the actress in Variety. “Because, like I said, I loved that they could communicate that way. I also think that my dreams sometimes tell the future, so I, as an actress, am very attached to my dreams. I talk about it every morning. So yeah, that would be an amazing and beautiful way for them to connect.”

Dina Shihabi continues by projecting herself on season 2 and wonders: “Who is Melody now, back in the future with her mother, whom she has no relationship with, whom she doesn’t know and was looking for? Season 2 will definitely look into that. And then I also want to see Melody fight. I want to see her be really proactive and take a stand, win in season 2…”

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