Army of the Dead made a hit on Netflix

Zack Snyder’s horror film attracted a huge number of subscribers.

Netflix unveiled its few productions, films and series, which attracted a large number of viewers. Let’s not forget that Netflix uses a measure specific to the platform, which is not always very reliable in terms of audience calculation (they are based on subscribers who have watched at least two minutes of content) but a one thing is certain, Army of the dead is one of the great successes. Barely a month after its release, seventy-five million people have already watched this horror film co-written, co-produced and directed by Zack Snyder.

We understand why Netflix has already planned a prequel for the end of 2021, entitled Army of Thieves, as well as a derivative animated series for 2022. The platform also unveiled series that have had huge success, starting with Lupine, the French series with Omar Sy, Clotilde Hesme, Ludivine Seigner and others. It was the first non-English series to be so successful on Netflix and around the world: 54 million households followed these adventures in the first month of launch.

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Lupine was followed by Shadow and Bone (55 million member households), Sweet tooth (based on the DC comic, 60 million). Elite, the Spanish series about students from a prestigious high school (37 million) and the Mexican series Who killed Sara? (34 million).

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Season 2 of the Heavenly Villa Dating Reality TV Series, Too Hot to Handle, attracted 29 million people, the docu-series Sam’s films 19 million and The Circle 14 million.

Back to the platform’s films, with the new success “, as Netflix put it, dramatic comedy Fatherhood, which drew 74 million loan people in the first 28 days. same for me Disconnected (The Mitchells vs. The Machines in original language), the largest animated film to date with 53 million viewers in the first four weeks.

Netflix wrote in a letter to shareholders that their goal was to be “everyone’s first choice in terms of entertainment, thanks to the variety and quality of [leurs] programs. ” They added that despite “production delays linked to the health crisis in 2020, [ils ont] been able to deliver a lot of exciting titles in 2021 “. Even if the future remains uncertain for all, Netflix wants to be optimistic.

And they do not intend to stop there: the year 2021 is still very rich. New seasons will emerge, like those of La Casa de Papel, Sex Education, Virgin River and My first times. On the film side, spectators will have the pleasure of discovering Sweet Girl, Kissing Booth 3, Kate and Vivo (with new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, including the adaptation of the musical Where we come from, by Jon Chu, is currently in theaters).

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