Arnaud Malherbe teases his new film Ogre, a thriller in the woods [vidéo]

With Ana Girardot, Giovanni Pucci and Samuel Jouy in the casting.

“At night, he turns into a wild monster, I’ve seen him before. He scares me”, tells Jules, the son of Chloé, a young teacher fleeing a painful past in the Morvan. Warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of the village, she falls under the spell of Mathieu, a charismatic and mysterious doctor. But terrible events disturb the peace of the villagers: a child has disappeared and a wild beast attacks the cattle. Jules is on the alert, he can sense it, something is lurking around the house at night …

This is the synopsis of the film Ogre, new creation ofArnaud Malherbe, director of the series Moloch (Arte). Presented at the Deauville festival this year, and selected in competition for the 29th edition of the Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival, which will open from January 26 to 30, Ogre is a fantasy thriller carried by Ana Girardot, in the role of Chloé, Giovanni pucci (Jules) and Samuel Jouy (Mathieu). Using the codes of the tale to evoke the hold, Arnaud Malherbe stages a horrific drama that a first teaser already presents.

Ogre will be released in theaters March 9, 2022.

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