Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as Zeus for… a film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as Zeus for... a film?
Abaca/Twitter @Schwarzenegger

We rather bet on a Super Bowl ad.

Golden suit, long hair, white beard, accusing eye and flashing finger, that’s how he showed up Arnold Schwarzenegger, tonight, on Twitter. Just below, we can read the name of Zeus, then “February 2022”. The star of terminator is she preparing a film on Greek mythology? A new Clash of the Titans ? Or a series, perhaps?

Twins will have a sequel with Schwarzy and DeVito…and Tracy Morgan as a triplet!

The ancient interpreter of the son of Zeus (in the nanard Hercules in New York, in 1970, the year in which he was moreover elected “Mr Olympia” for the first time) does not say more about it, but given the very close period of diffusion, it is undoubtedly not a production film or television. Knowing that the Super Bowl will take place next month (February 13, exactly) and that this sporting event represents an opportunity to broadcast major advertisements for brands every year, chances are that this will be all just an ad. For a barber? An energy supplier? A school support group? Patience, we will know more very soon.

Netflix is ​​preparing a new Conan the Barbarian series

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