Arnold Schwarzenegger will be Zeus in … a Super Bowl ad

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be Zeus for the Superbowl

The King of Olympus will make an appearance on February 13.

Last week, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the costume of the god of lightning Zeus, gold armor and lightning as a bonus: the total. Just announcing that something was brewing for February of this year, no further information was given. But while the actor of terminator has just published a new video on its social networks, we understand a little better the project: it is indeed (as we had guessed) an advertisement for the Super Bowl.

Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as Zeus for… a film?

In a short advertising spot for the car brand BMW, we can therefore see Schwarzy recovering his coffee in the role of Zeus, and if the barista pronounces machiato perfectly, it is difficult to say Zeus without missing a word. “Even Zeus, the famous Greek god of lightning, isn’t immune to his name being mispronounced by the barista at the local coffee shop.”

This advertisement is the second unveiled before the Super Bowl having cast a superstar to represent it. Last week, actresses Mila Kunis and Demi Moore were reunited on the stage of their old high school for the telephony brand AT&T. It is therefore to be expected new advertisements, each more delirious than the other, before February 13, the date of the Super Bowl, as this event represents each year the opportunity to broadcast major spots for brands.

Mila Kunis and Demi Moore reunited thanks to the Super Bowl

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