Arthur Malédiction: Teaser of the horror film in found footage in the universe of Arthur and the Minimoys

Luc Besson produces an unexpected spin-off of his children’s saga.

Alex is a fan of the movies Arthur and the Invisibles since he was a child. For her birthday, her best friends surprise her by taking her to the abandoned house where the film was shot. None of them suspects that they are heading towards a Machiavellian and deadly trap.
What was once a childhood dream will soon turn into a real nightmare…

Here is the official synopsis ofCurse Arthura horrific production by Luc Besson derived from his family saga Arthur and the Invisibles, which was a great success in cinemas from 2006 to 2010: the first part had attracted more than 6 million curious people in theaters, then each sequel beyond 3 million. Its first teaser confirms the concept of this funny spin-off, which will not really be aimed at children: the group of friends discover the house in ruins, in found footage, in an atmosphere strongly reminiscent of that of the Blair Witch Project.

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While waiting for the real trailer for this unexpected project (the teaser promises that it will be unveiled on Friday, May 13), it should be noted that this film will not be directed by Luc Besson in person. Targeted by several complaints since 2018 (sexual assault, moral harassment and unfair dismissal), he released the action film Annain 2019, and is currently preparing Dogmana drama in the vein of‘Angel-A with Caleb Landry Jones. Curse Arthur will be directed by Barthélémy Grossmann, known for the series Thugs, on Canal+. Only three young main actors have been announced for the moment: Mathieu Berger (seen in the series Sat Where Alice Nevers), Thalia Besson (the producer’s daughter, who had already appeared in Valerian) and Lola Andreoni (Plane tree).

Curse Arthur is announced for June 29 at the cinema.

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