At the Heart of the Ocean: A rich, awe-inspiring and exciting film like a psychopathic Master and Commander [critique]

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In the heart of the ocean
Warner bros

After Thor 3, TF1 will rebroadcast this work by Ron Howard on Sunday.

If you like Chris Hemsworth, you will be served this weekend! The first program channel Thor ragnarok (our review can be read here), then In the heart of the ocean.

Between Life of Pi and Master and Commander, the trailer forIn the heart of the ocean is sublime, its images evoking classic paintings of naval battles. It also presents the few sailors attacked by a gigantic whale: Benjamin walker, Cillian murphy, Tom holland, and of course Chris Hemsworth, which assures the sailors that they will emerge alive from this crossing. Except that the editing gives such power to the sea monster that we feel that they are no match …In the heart of the ocean is indeed inspired by a tragedy, which occurred in 1820, which inspired Moby dick in Melville. “THEhe whaler Essex, coming from New England, is attacked by an incredible creature: a whale of colossal size and willpower, and an almost human thirst for vengeance, details the synopsis. Braving storms, hunger, panic and despair, men will question their deepest convictions, from the value of their lives to the morality of their business, as their captain seeks a course on the high seas and his mate does everything to kill the whale. “

Chris Hemsworth’s Extreme Weight Loss for Heart of the Ocean

Transposed to the screen by Ron Howard, In the heart of the ocean impressed Première a lot when it was released at the end of 2015. Here is our review: “The film – this is not a spoiler – ends with a line from writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, who calls the novel Moby Dick (partly inspired by the Essex epic) a true ‘America’s Epic’. The term applies perfectly to In the Heart of the Ocean: A Great American Epic Tale. The Maritime Adventure Driven by Profit, Until Madness, Then Death. It’s rich, grand and exciting like a Master and Commander psychopath, electrified by the photo of Danny Boyle’s chef op and stuffed with unforgettable sequences: the religious song that accompanies the departure of the boat, the whale hunting scenes or the foam that crawls in the body of the dead whale. If veteran Ron Howard, who signs his best film since Rush, could only shoot films with Chris Hemsworth (here tragically Herculean), that would be really perfect. “

Trailer :

Ron Howard: “At the heart of the ocean, it’s Greenpeace Jack London style”

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