At the same time: a missed duo Delépine-Kervern [critique]

Compiling clumsy clichés on certain excesses of society, the duo signs a badly dowdy reaction comedy.

Laurel and Hardy. On one side a right-wing mayor, on the other, an elected ecologist. A drunken night will bring these two opposites together beyond reason (We won’t spoil but know that the very idea of ​​writing what happens to them is embarrassing!) So there you have it, Jonathan Cohen (right) and Vincent Macaigne ( on the left), forced into a nocturnal road-movie in a soulless provincial town to repair what needs to be repaired. At the same time, not very shrewd feminist activists are rampant in the area and, overcome with remorse, try to save our two unfortunate thieves whom they have put in these dirty sheets. Faithful to their vaguely anar do-it-yourself cinema, the duo Delépine-Kervern intend to knock down the norm. Here, the gag is king, the creepy, a refuge (Bertrand Blier comes out of these bodies!) From then on, all pseudo-thought is discarded in favor of a succession of skits where friends and girlfriends crowd (Yolande Moreau , Thomas VDB, François Damiens, Laetitia Dosch…), supposed to fill the future trailer. Apart from the fact that nothing is really funny, what can we learn from such a program? That right and left are the same thing? That ecologists and feminists break our ears? It’s stupid and sad, surely involuntary on the part of the two filmmakers (which obviously does not excuse anything!) As for the two stars, Cohen and Macaigne, they are there, neither more nor less, padlocked in a project which would like to flatter their know-how but produces quite the opposite. Quickly forget.

By Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern. With: Vincent Macaigne, Jonathan Cohen, India Hair… Duration: 1h45. Released April 6, 2022

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