Attack on Titan: a first image of the final part unveiled

The attack of the Titans

We learn in passing that Episode 76 will be entitled “Condemnation”.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary and mark the occasion, the animation studio Mappa unveiled this weekend in Japan a very first visual of the last part of The attack of the Titans. A dreamlike image which, it is true, does not show much of this season 4 Part 2.

But in passing, we learn that the next chapter, Episode 76, will be entitled “Condemnation”. Mappa also announces that the official website of The attack of the Titans has been updated.

Finally, he confirms a broadcast for the end of the year. The final part of The attack of the Titans will certainly be seen between the end of December 2021 and the end of March 2022 (in France on Wakanim).

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