Attention, the end of season 4 of Stranger Things will be “extremely moving”!

stranger things season 4

The Duffers tease the last two XXL episodes, designed as “blockbusters”.

There are still 4 hours left. Stranger Things to discover in season 4, launched at the end of May on Netflix. The last two episodes will be on view on July 1. And be careful, they might make you cry!

I stopped trying to predict how people will react. Because you never know… Volume 2 contains a bit of everything“, first tease the Duffers before warning: “It’s hugely emotional… But at the same time, it will also provide the most action and spectacle we’ve ever had.”

Stranger Things: a time jump will be inevitable for season 5

Great battles in perspective against Vecna. But should we understand that one (or more) character will not come out alive? Volume 2 might just kill off one of Hawkins’ heroes and it would effectively make the final episode of Season 4″extremely moving.”

Of course, the creators do not say more about it. But they still reveal that we will continue to move from one place to another, “faster and faster“, in the second part. “But it’s not just action that goes on and on. That’s also the good side of these XXL episodes. Even if we’re on the blockbuster side, we can also spend a lot of time s take care of our characters...”

See you next July 1 on Netflix.

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