Audrey Lamy and Philippe Katerine lead the investigation in the Test trailer

The actors form an unusual duo of investigators in a delirious comedy by Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud.

After Guinea pigs, Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud returns to the cinema with a new atypical couple, composed ofAlexandra Lamy and of Philippe Katerine, in his next film The test.

Dated for the month of December, this crazy comedy tells the story of an investigation. Annie Castillon is happy. Her married life with Laurent is an example of harmony. His two grown-ups, Maximilian and Caesar, are brilliant and sensitive boys. And Poupi, his young teenager, the shoulder without ever complaining in the education of Antoine, the youngest child. A weekend like any other, the discovery of a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom will destroy the beautiful harmony.

This plot, which recalls the heyday of Molière’s comedy, is presented in a first trailer which already gives the color of the film:

In the casting of this film, whose screenplay is signed by Noah Debre and Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud, Lamy and Katerine are surrounded by Matteo Perez, Joaquim Fossi, Chloé Barkoff-Gaillard, Pablo Condo and Lucile Jaillant to play the role of the perfect family.

This is portrayed in the first poster of the film, which will be released in theaters. next December 29.

The Test - poster
Apollo Films

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