Avatar 2: special effects specialists are amazed by the first trailer

On the web, many Internet users do not want to believe that these are really computer-generated images!

The second installment of the saga Avatar won’t be released until the end of the year, and it’s already making a lot of noise on the internet. The cause: the impressive quality of the special effects that were used, of which we can already have a glimpse thanks to the first trailer.

In a video posted by Wren, Sat and Nico for their show VFX Artists React (via Allocine), the American specialists invited the special effects artist Ian Hubertcreator of the science fiction series Dynamo Dreamto comment on this foretaste of The Way of the Water. Contrary to what many seem to think, the three VFX fans are more than impressed with the CGI and how their quality has changed between the first and second installments. Their admiration is mainly for the attention to small details that make each image perfect, so perfect that some find it hard to believe it is special effects. ” Everything you see on this take, from the blue water skin to the leather strips, everything you see was done by computer, we all know that. So why does the Internet refuse to admit that this take was made using software? ” request Wrenwhat Ian Hubert respond : “ I think it’s because audiences have been used, for 15 – 20 years, to seeing scenes with a lot of water CGI (computer generated image) but on a very large scale, because it’s quite easy to TO DO. But we’ve never seen it so close! […] »

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The most impressive thing for these professionals is of course the rendering of the water, which is more realistic than ever. For Sam, This strip of leather looks wetter than ever! It looks wetter than any special water effect ever! » Hubert adds: ” If you look closer, there’s a shot where he’s shooting, and it’s reflected in the water splashing over the saddle. We have never seen this kind of detail on such a small scale”. In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, james Cameron – the director – had specified: With the first Avatar, we wanted to push the limits of the big screen. With the next films in the franchise, we are pushing those limits even further, with 3D, with stronger dynamics, with higher frame rates, higher resolution and even more reality in our visual effects”. He had also explained to a journalist from Collider : “ This has never been done before. This is extremely tricky because our motion capture system, like most, uses markers that are photographed with hundreds of cameras. With water, the problem is the interface between the air and the water which forms a mirror and which reflects the markers, thus creating fake ones! It’s like a fighter jet dropping chaff to confuse radar. This creates thousands of false targets, and we managed to work around this problem. Adding water makes it 10 times more complex. We therefore devoted a lot of strength, innovation and imagination to solve this equation, which took us almost a year and a half”.

Avatar: The Waterway will be available in cinemas from December 14. The video VFX Artists React just here :

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