Awake 2: is a Netflix movie sequel planned?

For now, director Mark Raso has other plans, but …

Already in the Netflix Top 3 in France and the United States, just a few hours after it went online, the film Awake will certainly be one of the big hits of the month on the streaming platform. The kind of high-concept thriller that subscribers love.

So Awake 2 Is it possible ? For the moment, no follow-up is envisaged. Director Mark Raso doesn’t want to talk about it, and when asked, he answers, our colleagues of The Cinemaholic, which he is currently working on a documentary and a pilot for a TV series, an adaptation of a novel by George RR Martin, the author of Game Of Thrones

If the reviews are not very good, the end ofAwake in any case leaves the door open to a possible Awake 2. Mark Raso says moreover in a interview with ComingSoon, than “Gina Rodriguez, aka Jill, is our protagonist throughout the film, but there is a real crossover, a pivotal moment where the film completely changes protagonist and it’s Matilda, her daughter, who becomes the heroine. There is this transfer, not really conventional and suddenly quite difficult to write, but perfectly managed by our young actress Ariana Greenblatt. “

A sequel of which she would be the star would therefore be coherent. Thus, the director says that the end ofAwake was imagined with “une color palette full of hope, bright and saturated colors instead of the sad gloom, typical of this kind of dystopia. Why am I fighting to survive in this world? It’s chaos … But no, the world has the potential to become a beautiful place again. Let’s fight for it. You have to want to survive it. So visually, aesthetically, we wanted to convey this message, to kind of make it clear that it’s worth fighting for. “

Maybe that’s what we’ll see someday in Awake 2, on Netflix …

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